unknown egypt

What to remember before traveling to Egypt?

Before traveling to Egypt, it is important to pay attention to several key issues. Firstly, check the current recommendations and information regarding safety in the region, especially in the context of potential threats or the need for vaccinations. Another aspect is familiarizing yourself with local customs and cultural norms, which can help avoid potential misunderstandings.

What is Unknown Egypt?

Unknown Egypt refers to mysterious areas and undiscovered corners of the ancient pharaohs’ country that still conceal many puzzles and unresolved mysteries. Despite a rich history and centuries of archaeological research, there are still many places that remain unexplored, with artifacts hidden deep beneath layers of sand waiting to be discovered. Many of these unknown areas may contain essential information about the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, their beliefs, customs, and technologies. These may include not only undiscovered pharaohs’ tombs but also forgotten cities or corners of temple complexes.

What to take on a trip to Egypt?

During a trip to Egypt, it is essential to prepare adequately to fully enjoy the journey. Sunscreens with high SPF are certainly necessary to protect the skin from the intense sun. Lightweight clothing, especially in the summer, and headgear are also important. It’s advisable to bring shoes for walking on hot sand to avoid burns. Don’t forget insect repellents, as mosquitoes and other insects may be present in Egypt. A travel first aid kit with basic medicines for headaches, diarrhea, or burns will also come in handy. It’s essential to have a dehydration preventive measure, especially during hot days. If you plan to use electronic devices, remember to bring a socket adapter, as plug standards may differ. Power banks will also be useful to ensure you can always charge your phone or camera.