Visiting Egypt

How to make a plan of visiting Egypt?

A lot of people from our country plans to visit Egypt soon. Why this African country is very famous among tourists currently? What makes it worth visiting it, especially if you have just a few days of vacation left? What is characteristic in that country? Firstly, it is necessary to mention that trips to that African country are not very expensive, as some people think. Especially that there are many travel agencies who compete with each other.

In such way it is not that difficult to find an attractive offer that will suit us the best. What else is worth noticing? Definitely great weather conditions. Many Poles complain about that aspect, when it comes to the temperatures in Poland. Winter is coming and the temperatures in our country will be very low for, at least, few next months. In contrary to Egypt, where the temperatures are high and the weather is very good all year long.

Egypt is rich in attractions and places worth visiting. This African country is undoubtedly linked with the Pyramids. Those can be seen, for example, in Giza. We recommend to spend more time in Giza, as not far away from the Pyramids, we can see the monument of a great Sphinx. What else can be seen in that African country? Surely, the National Museum, which is very interesting, as there are many exhibitions coming from the ancient times. In Cairo, there are also Mosque of Muhammad Ali and Cairo Citadel.

What other places are worth visiting? Surely, The Valley of Kings and Sahara Desert. There are plenty of options and we are sure you will be satisfied with your choice. www